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Do I need an M&A consultant for the company sale?

Do I need an M&A consultant for the company sale?

8 good reasons why expert support pays off

Selling one’s own company is certainly never an easy decision – nor is it an easy task. This not only applies to finding a suitable buyer, but also to the preparation of all necessary facts and figures, right up to conducting negotiations. There are many good reasons for getting an experienced M&A consultant on board as an expert and supporter for the many and multifaceted steps of a company sale. […]

Checklist: Preparation for the sale of a company

Checklist: Preparation for the sale of a company

What you should consider, compile and determine beforehand

Nobody makes the decision to sell a company easy. But once it has been made, good preparation is the be-all and end-all for an efficient sales process within a time frame that is as predictable as possible – and also for the ultimate sales success. There are four decisive points that help to assess the preparation effort and to structure it sensibly. […]

Which deal is the right one for an M&A deal?

Which deal is the right one for an M&A deal?

A comparison of the most common closing options

Even the best matchmaking in the M&A process does not prevent sellers and buyers from having different views about what the “perfect deal” is. There is no such thing as a perfect deal: if only because there is a great variety of forms for the final deal – often with very abstract terms that are hardly self-explanatory for the medium-sized entrepreneur. Which deal is the most suitable for the individual sale of a company must be clarified in each of the contracting parties with the help of an experienced M&A strategist right at the beginning of the negotiations. […]

Market Insight: Q&A with Hans Willam

– lessons from 45 years’ experience in logistics

By Alessandro Pasetti

I had yet to be born in the early 1970s, when Hans Willam (pictured above), chairman of WCL Worldwide Consultants in Logistics GmbH, Germany, already had a few years under his belt in logistics, working for Swiss 3PL Kuehne + Nagel (K+N), the undisputed ocean freight market leader with over 4m teu shipped worldwide.

I asked Mr Willam to break down his experience over four decades – the changes he witnessed and what he has learned. Moreover, I have asked him to flag the major extraordinary corporate finance events of the past 40 years, such as deals – M&A or large capital funding – that have shaped the logistics industry forever and proved to be landmarks for others. Here is his story. […]

2. Neptune Cargo Network Meeting

2. Neptune Cargo Network Meeting in Shanghai 26.02. – 01.03.2018

Frieder Steinwarder, NVOCC-Expert within WCL had the chance to present to more than 170 participants from 65 countries the possibilities and advantages of a neutral NVOCC-Implementation. Especially considering the latest severe accidents the question of liability is getting more and more important. WCL is assisting Neptune Cargo Network since establishment and is offering to the ocean-freight-forwarder and LCL-specialists an extensive consulting in respect of risk-management.

Just drop us a message or give us a call whenever you want to hear more about our NVOCC-Set-Up.

The Official Aftermovie of NEPTUNE 2nd Annual Partnership Meeting