South African logistics group found globaly acting and fast growing stratigic investor.

A leading South African logistics group with an own network in Asia and Europe instructed WCL to assist in selling the entire group to a globally acting Locistic Group.

We presented the idea to a fast growing German logistics group which was interested in horizontal (product driven) and vertical (network) growth.

With our introduction, intense negotiation support we supported the seller throughout the process and managed to bring the deal to a successful conclusion.

The WCL M&A System

  • First step: WCL identified the right buyer with a strong financial background a suitable growth strategy.
  • Step two: We introduced the management of both parties and facilitated an initial meeting following the signing of an NDA.
  • Third step: We helped to align the interests of both parties during the negotiations and managed the process to a successful conclusion for both companies.

It was essential for the seller to accomodate his next level management into the buyers organization but at the same time achieve the best possible financial result.

The deal combined a proper intergration of the sellers network into the buyers organization with a above market EBIT multiple.

Project details

WCL assisted in the sale of a South African Logistics Group to a globally action German based forwarder and logistic supplier.

Short facts

Date: June 2019

Categories: Sale mandate

Business Location: Johannesburg, South Africa