Network integration of oil and gas specialist in the CIS Region

A well established forwarder specialized on handling oil & gas related shipment wanted to connect to a global logsitics group in order to attract more buisness and asked WCL for assistnace in finding the right partner.

We presented the company to a German Top 3 logistics group which wanted to expand in the CIS and by that accomplish a better geografical coverage for their existing oil and gas vertical.

With our introduction and intense negotiation support and data management we supported the CIS forwarder throughout the process and managed to bring the intended cooperation to a successful conclusion.

The WCL M&A System

  • First step: WCL identified the right partner with a strong international network and the best possible vertical structure to fit to the CIS partner.
  • Step two: We introduced the management of both parties and facilitated an initial meeting following the signing of an NDA.
  • Third step: We helped to align the interests of both parties during the negotiations and managed the process to a successful conclusion for both companies.

It was essential for our client to find the right connection to a global network in order to be able to offer a better globale connection to his customer base.

The agreement between both companies combined the indpendance of our client with access to a global network at the same time.

Project details

WCL assisted in initiating a cooperation between a large global logistics provider and a local CIS oil and gas specialist.

Short facts

Date: March 2020

Categories: Network connection

Business Location: CIS country