Nevine Motiramani: An Impressive Career in Sales and Business Development

Nevine Motiramani: An Impressive Career in Sales and Business Development
July 5, 2024

Nevine Motiramani, born and raised in Hamburg, brings over ten years of professional experience in logistics and other industries, with a strong focus on sales and business development. Since October 2023, she has been part of the WCL team, taking on diverse roles in Merger & Acquisition and recruiting.

Nevine’s career began at DB Schenker Beijing as a Trade Lane Manager for Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. After two successful years in this role, she moved to Shanghai, expanding her responsibilities to include the Central China region.

In 2014, Nevine moved to Milan, Italy, where she completed her studies and earned her MBA from Politecnico di Milano. Following her role at Porsche Consulting Milano, she worked for the Italian FMCG company Moleskine, with responsibilities in Germany, and later moved back to Shanghai as Partner & Agency Manager for Moleskine China.

In 2018, Nevine took the entrepreneurial leap and founded her own company. NEXTING GmbH started with its own brands and the distribution of Korean products in Germany and has since expanded its portfolio to include various services such as sales, distribution, and consulting.

Through her diverse professional experiences, Nevine Motiramani has gained deep insights into various industries and countries. She has consistently focused on the development and growth of both her employers and her own businesses. She now brings this extensive expertise to her consulting role at WCL, offering our potential clients tailored solutions and top-notch support.

Nevine is known for her ability to build strong business relationships and to effectively target potential sellers. Her expertise and dedication make her a valuable asset to the WCL team and inspiring figure in the “People on Focus” series.